sanur 1Sanur originates from two words, “Saha” and “Nuhur” which literally means the passion to visit the certain place. Located in the sourthern part of Bali, Sanur is famed for its beautiful strip of pure sandy beaches acrros the coastal line. It is also famed its’ spectacular sunrises wich literally marks a new day in the life of the Balinese. A talented laid back atmosphere is what is unique about the village of Sanur where hospitality is intewined with the traditions of Balinese culture and religion. The atmosphere from sunrise till sunset provides endless opportunities of discovery into the daily lives of the Balinese, where each corner of the village provides a certain exploration for every visitor.

Lines of shaded trees along the roads, a stretch of beach for sunbathing, a strip of shops for shopping and a veriety of restaurants for wining and dining, the option is endless in Sanur. Sanur also represents a name that carries important history for torism in Indonesia, and Bali more specific. It was on the beach of Sanur that the first Netherlands troops set foot on the island of Bali in 1906. This was also the exact place that the first war accurred between Netherlands against the community of Bali in defending their land from colonialism. This war was later known as the Puputan Badung, a heroic event tha is strongly remembered by every individual Balinese until today’s generation.