Pengelipuran Village


Penglipuran Village, a Unique and Exotic of traditional baliness culture village.

Penglipuran culture village is located in Bangli province which is 45 km from Denpasar. This village is one of the tourist spot that easy to visit, because of its location is in the main street of Kintamani – Bangli.

This village still upholds their traditional culture. Its nature culture can be notice when we enter the area. On Catus Pata area which is a border to enter this village. Over here, there is a village meeting community facilities and arrangement and an open outdoor yard as a welcoming symbol for the visitors.

This village is one of the villages in Bali which has an order arrangement system from the traditional village structure. It is a combination of open space yard outdoor which stillnatural, so it will remain us the Balinese environment in the past. The village physical structure order basely on their traditional culture that they uphold up until present time and their community culture already exist for generation

One of the best thing about this village compare with the other village in Bali is that the front houses shape are look alike from the edge of the main village until downstream of village. The houses are order properly that the main area is located in a higher place and keep on decreasing until the downstream area. Despite of their same shape of physical look they also use the same materials in making the houses. For example they use the soil to color the wall and for the roof made from “Penyengker”and bamboo for all houses in the village

Because of its location is in the high land, the atmosphere here is very fresh. In spite of its natural park, the local people are very friendly and welcome to the visitors. A lot of tourist who dropped by can enter their houses and enjoy the scenery when the local people make handy craft, so it will be a wonderful time to spend here.

This traditional culture village belongs to one of the village in Bali which held a lot of ritual activities. So there will be many activities that this village have, such as Ogalan raising ceremony and Ogalan lowering ceremony, Galungan etc. The right moment to visit this place is when the ritual activities held, so we can see directly its unique and it’s exclusive. Even though you can’t attend these ritual activities, you can enjoy the scenery of this village especially during the sun down, because at this time the local people usually go out from their houses after they had finished doing their routine activity which is from morning until the sun down. They will go out and gathered with the others, set their favorite rooster free and sometimes they do “Tajen” (a chicken match), but without putting a knife on the chicken’s leg. Meanwhile waiting for the sun down you can enjoy chicken porridge in Mr. Made retail shop which is very clean, cheap and mixed with the local people, it was an amazing experienced I will never forget for the rest of my life.