Ulun Danu Temple


Ulun danu temple is one of the tour visit when a sight seeing tour is organized to visit Bedugul Mountain resort or Singaraja tour.The location is one the west bank of the lake Beratan.The name Ulun Danu,literally means “ the beginning of the lake” But this might not to claim that the side is the beginning of a lake.It tend to indicate that everything that exist around the lake  will the orientation to the temple site,and cleanliness  around the area must be continuously kept.

The whole complex is consist of 4 units each dedicated to spirit of Lingga Petak,and temporay abode gods.It looks that the templesymbolize the nature of surrounding as the respects of nature greatness,since the location is surrounded by peaks of Bali mountain chain such as the east is Mt. Mangu,to the south is Mt. Teratai Bang,and to the wats is Mt.Pohan

Current pavilions,shires and basement as the site looks to have been newly renovated and no historical facts can be used to trace the history of the temple.The only source to disclose the history of the temple is a chronicle of Mengwi kingdom,a manuscript  now available the transliteration from Balinese characters to Latin at Bali Museum ,in Denpasar.It is written that I Gusti Agung Putu as defeated during the battle and became war detainment  of Tabanan kingdom.The vassal of Marga implored the king to bring I Gusti Agung Putu to Marga ,and from here he set the strategy to gain back his lost land.He want up to Mt.Mangu  peak to meditate and request the inspiration.Returning from that he baack to Marga and built his palace at Balahayu ( Now : Blayu Village)